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Blue Light - How Digital Light Effects Skin

The devices we use every day have a real impact on our skin’s aging process. Here’s what you need to know about blue ...

Fitness trends to help you Spring into Summer!

When it comes to fitness, it’s a lifestyle, not just a routine. Heading into Summer is the perfect time to shake up y...


Making healthy suncare people love to wear has been, since its inception, COOLA’s fundame...

Sunshine in a Bottle - Natural looking radiance all-year-round

Winter is here, the sun-kissed glow has started to fade, our secret t...

Meet The Inspiration: Jamie McDell

We sit down with Jamie McDell to pick her brains about her new album.

How Much Sunscreen Should We Apply?

How much sunscreen do we need for our skin to be protected by the sun?

Is Your Sunscreen Killing Our Coral Reefs?

We here at COOLA are dedicated to educating you about what should and shouldn't be in...

COOLA's Top NZ Summer Spots

Our Top Hot Spot Picks For Summer

Meet The Inspiration: Bird & Knoll

Bird & Knoll, makers of luxury Scarves and Resort Wear.

Organic Facts

Strong enough to effectively protect, yet delicate enough to soothe, moisturize and nouri...
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